Personal, Weber Wonderland / Thursday, January 29th, 2015

This morning I woke up like a normal person, for the first time in quite a while. The night before I was up all night and took a nap around 10am. After the nap, I had delicious “immunity soup” (chicken bone broth, lots of garlic and onions) and a green smoothie PACKED full of fruits and veggies and no coffee.. I haven’t been eating very well, so I’m certain this is a shock to my system  (along with the apple cider vinegar drink I’ve been forcing down.)

I woke up like a normal person, but with a yucky headache.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I tend to get headaches overnight when I don’t use my Breathe Right Nasal Strips. Add no caffeine (I am a 2-3 cup of coffee per day gal.) AND while I’d like to say I’m doing better at releasing stress/sadness causing tension headaches, I fear that’s not true.

The reason why I got up like a normal person?

I had a date with an old friend from college (FRUTH!) for breakfast. I’m happy to say that this past month, I’ve been able to spend quality time with the “quarter” friends (see previous post.) In fact not one, not two not even three but FOUR Ladies in Red (Erin, Karen, Jenn and Linda!)

I’ve also spent quality time with other friends outside of a group setting. You know, meeting someone for dinner and conversation? Yeah, it’s been a very good month of authentically connecting with friends. This makes me very happy.

There was only one wee little problem with getting out the door this morning. Our driveway.

Our driveway has been LIGHT YEARS better since getting it fixed this Fall, however it still is a long, windy country driveway. And right now it has a lovely layer of thick ice underneath which made driving up impossible.

Yesterday, I got stuck before Bogert Curve and still thought I could back up the car and gun it to break free. OBVIOUSLY this was a poor life choice, so I ended up leaving the car in the middle of the driveway. HWMMS said he would deal with it tomorrow. (Today.) HWMMS hasn’t been feeling well since Saturday night and spending lots of time in bed, so I wasn’t going to disagree.

Besides, we always have the rattletrap truck I could use, right?

Wrong. Rattletrap truck has a flat tire. I guess it has a slow leak. No big deal, except for the part where it is currently flat and needs to be filled before I can drive it.

Rattletrap truck is  due for inspection at the end of the month and we were SHOCKED it made it  through last year, so we’re pretty sure we aren’t going to put more money into it…meaning no new tire. Oh and there’s that pesky little fact that we can’t get around the stuck car in the driveway in the first place.

For some reason, me and my headache wake up and still plan on getting the darn car unstuck and to breakfast without waking up HWMMS.

I do manage to get the car unstuck (from the original spot) but have a VERY hard time backing it down the driveway. It is a truth universally acknowledged that I cannot for the LIFE of me back up a car, even without a driveway of ice and snow so I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Now I’d LIKE to say that it looks much worse than it is in this photo, but I’m sure HWMMS might have a counter argument to that statement.

The car is now so stuck, I had to crawl out the passenger side door. I  now have to wake up HWMMS and not only ask him to fill the tire, but um, well…admit my latest TRAINWRECK JENNY moment.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THE CAR IS MOVED AND WE CAN DRIVE THE TRUCK AROUND IT! (At least for two more days while the truck is legally inspected.)

Always look on the positive side right?

Yep, I still have that headache.

Update: 6pm. HWMMS did a sweep of the driveway with the snowblower AND with a few good tugs from a very sturdy chain, the car is free.



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