Me in a Media Paper at Wake Forest? What the?

A Neat little ditty for those who care. My sista Dayna found this link (Jennifer L. Smith) to a students media paper about *my* article in the Buffalo News. Ok, OK! Not just my article…Erin was mentioned too, so was Rach and Brian and in fact they had front page crease honors on the Sunday Edition but this is pretty cool. : ) I assume she is a transplant, either that or someone in NC has been spreading around the rumour that a Jen Smith girl is trying to get people to Buffalo.

I hope she got an A. Although the paper seems pretty self evident to me…they have classes on this stuff?

Feminist Jen? “In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: Either she’s a feminist or a masochist.”

Just a thought. I hardly consider myself a Womyn…however I need to get one thing off my chest. What IS it about married women (yes, all you married women friends of mine are about to hear about yourself.) Why is it that the WOMEN sign and send out the Christmas Cards…BUT BUT BUT they sign THEIR HUSBANDS name first? Why? Why is that? I am pretty sure if I’m the one signing the card, I’m putting my name first…President Jen and the First Man, if not in the White House then at least in my Future McDaddyandMommy, I MEAN McMommyand DADDY House! Hmmmm…weird. (BTW- I will NEVER refer to my potential future self as Mc Mommy ever ever ever again. )

I miss my SATURN : (
Ode to my stolen but not stolen Saturn. My first love. My first significant debt I attempted to pay back on my own without years of in-school deferments.

I’m with a rental for the next 10-14 days or so, a birthday present to me, and a well-needed break for Leroy who finds himself without a wiper motor, and a half spray painted luv job with the color *primer grey* on his rear, hiding under a pile of snow.

I’m driving a Corolla. Power everything…nice roomy. Makes me miss my Saturn bunches. Oh to be financially secure enough to buy a new vehicle…nyah, I would rather buy pitchers of beer this weekend at the Tralf with Ron Hawkins…after the 30 appears, then I will start thinking about a future. Ahem. : )

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?