Personal / Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

1. I hate suits because to find one that fits my HUGE top and my not very proportional bottom…is impossible.

2. I love suits because I feel smart and successful and older and wiser when I am wearing them.

3. Note to self: I should wear suits more often! (See #2 above)

4. I want a RED SUIT. I love looking out at the State of the Union address and seeing the powerful women in RED. Not just black.

This morning there was an executive networking meeting in the board room across from where I sit. Everyone had on a dark suit. I wanted just one woman to wear RED.

5. Correction: I WANT to be the woman in the executive networking breakfast meeting wearing red.

6. When I worked at Legal Services for the Elderly, many years ago. I bought my first 3 suits. One was a light yellow/cream color, one was pale pink and one was navy blue. (It was the spring/summer, what can I say?)

I also have a black one, a grey one, and a brown one.

And I have bunches of those *pseudo suit suit tops* (Fuchsia, Cream, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Brown)

I still want a red one.

Women of the working world with suits? Do YOU own a red suit?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?