Sunday, Sunday

I slept until I couldn’t sleep anymore, thanks to the rain this meant afternoon.

Ah, the peaceful easy feeling of no alarm clock.

I walked to the Co-op for brunch and some groceries, came home unpacked maybe two boxes and made coffee and fell right back to sleep.

After the very deep nap I decided to get moving. Coffee in hand I started unpacking the apartment. I’m almost there!


I put my bed together, finally. Giving me that sorely needed storage space underneath which made moving around the rest of the boxes possible. Made my bed with the new comforter set I purchased on clearance ($20!) A girly/country look is what I was going for I still was using the *asian inspired* bedspread from the past relationship and I really wanted a change.

Light Fixtures

The landlord installed these new ceiling lights in the bedroom, hallway and living room before I moved in. I love them.

New Lights

He also left this lamp which I currently have in the living room.


And installed these wee shelves on the kitchen wall, which I wasn’t sure about in the beginning but now with my things on them, not too bad!


My kitchen is amazingly tiny and will be interesting to work around since I am used to kitchen space. Not gonna lie, every time I saw another box another huge box that said *kitchen* I almost wanted to cry. What was I thinking? Where will I put everything? I need to invest in some storage space and I’ll be just fine. Somehow just putting the magnets up and a few groceries in the fridge and finding an outlet for my coffeemaker made everything alright today. Lots of work to go in this area.


My other challenge with this tiny apartment will be the closet. I purchased an extender which will help, but I had three closets in my last apartment. How do I work with only one? Creative thinking of course.

This corner of my bedroom is going to become a closet. I’m going to install two rods and then put a curtain hanging from the wall. That will automatically solve the not having a closet in my bedroom problem quite nicely. I also plan on eventually finding another dresser with deep drawers.

Getting thereGetting there

The living/office/dining area is also getting there slowly. Lots of books to put on the shelves still. A new computer desk area needs to be acquired (more compact.) And I would really, really like to get a tall pub/bar table for the corner but all in good time. In the meantime the carpet is on the floor and the coffee table is in front of the loveseat and my computer is plugged into the internet and all is well.

I do have to say it’s amazing how many things you realize you don’t need or want when trying to live in a smaller space. I purged like crazy before moving. And I’m still finding myself getting rid of things while unpacking. No, I don’t need two boxes of Tupperware plastic containers. I only use maybe two or three at a time. And no, the broken but adorable penguin sno-cone machine I had for over 10 years. Bye-bye. Sheets? Where did they all come from? I have navy blue fitted sheets and dingy white sheets I can’t remember the last time I used. Out the door. Bakers Rack that is very tall and actually has very, very little storage space? See ya later.

Apartment Sweet Apartment. Out with the old, in with the thrifty space saving new.

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