Synchronicity: Sometimes you get a wink, not from the Universe, but from a friend.

I’m listening. (Or at least trying…)

Perfect example of Synchronicity? Me desperately wanting to find my FitBit to start wearing again, blogging about it, having my cousin invite me to a weekly challenge and still not finding the FitBit—only to have HWMMS today moving things around in Spring Cleaning mode (Cat Tree is going in the Foyer? Ok…) and looking through the side table in the living room, which I have looked through SEVERAL times myself—only to find MY FITBIT attached to a the charger! WOOT!

At about the exact same time I was going to say out loud to him “see if you can find my FitBit in there…” BUT I didn’t want to let on that his trainwreck wife misplaced it, yet again, so I kept quiet.

Surprise, surprise.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?