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Summer Bucket List: Classic Car Shows

A repost of my article in this week’s Springville Times. Summer Bucket List: Classic Car Shows By Jennifer Weber As the wifey of a proud owner of a 1972 Dodge Challenger, I’ve become accustomed to the ogling of the pretty, pretty car, who I lovingly refer to…

The Mistress in November

The Mistress in November Happy Husband. Happy Life. Running errands in ‪‎The Mistress‬ this afternoon…if you live anywhere in the Southtowns, you’ll hear us coming. Dodge Challenger. Hot Rod. Muscle Car. = The Mistress. Save Save

Tales of the Mistress

Tales of the Mistress Husband POV: Owning an old car is like being a parent… Reason #201– Taking it to a dealership to get one of those multi -point “inspections” is like parent-teacher night at school. They tell you about all the sh*t you’ve done wrong,…

Dodge Challenger

HWMMS: Upon Entering Our Driveway (mumblemumble) beautiful… All Things Wifey: What’s beautiful? HWMMS: My car (quickly followed without a second of hesitation) and you… Yep. My husband has a mistress. Dodge Challenger. Hot Rod. Muscle Car. = The Mistress. Save

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger. Bring on the Wifebeaters and Genny Pounders! HWMMS just offered someone a large cashier check tomorrow to purchase this…. 1972 Dodge Challenger I did not invoke the wifey veto, I fear I will need to save those up for the future… It makes him…