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Mom and Harley

The round chair swallowed mom and then Harley Boo decided Gramma needed some cuddling. Mom DID say she missed her furry grandchildren. Oh Harley.

Car Ride!

These two. Oh man. Harley Barley has always enjoyed his car rides. Jordan Giant Puppy, not so much. I do take Harley for seperate car rides once in a while, but HWMMS says when I do, Jordan basically whines and cries and mopes around looking out…

Puppy Playtime

Does anyone else have a pair of puppies (2-3 years old, not really puppies anymore but they will always be puppies to me) who prefer to play together when one of their parents gets down on the floor with them? I would guesstimate 9/10 times our…

Snowy Day After Birthday!

The local weather people reported from SNOWY SPRINGVILLE yesterday…Happy Birthday ME! This was what Weber Wonderland looked like on Monday, feet of snow melted down to a thick sheet of ice everywhere. This is what it looks like, again, today. HWMMS *might* have been stuck in…

Weber Animal Christmas

The stockings were hung on the stairway with care, because if on the fireplace they wouldn’t still be there… Jordan and Harley went through their new stuffed ducks in about 27 minutes. Sigh. The GIANT FEMUR BONES will last much longer. Although Harley seems somewhat terrified…

Snow = Happiness

Snow is my natural anti-depressant drug. Always has been, always will be. #DecemberBaby  

All The Pillows

Giant Puppy Princess Jordan needs ALL THE PILLOWS for her nap. Love this goofy girl.

Naps with Puppies

Ahhhh. Harley naps and cuddles with his humans all the time. Jordan occasionally naps with her papa. But very, rarely me. Today was my lucky day. Save