Dating, Personal / Monday, March 13th, 2006

Yes. This weekend friends. I went to my first Argentine TANGO dance class!

Mark actually wanted to go. And that is just one of a million reasons why I adore this man.

There we were looking at the City paper and the Insider. Looking for *fun* things to do…and the TANGO appeared. Again. So, we went…here…

Such a beautiful dance. Although I am ANYTHING but a graceful, beautiful dancer! We aspire to look graceful (Please refrain from hysterical laughter. Thank you.)

The music is lovely, the moves so fluid and expressive. However, the whole *woman follow the man at all times* I am having a little hard time accepting. I kept leading Mark, while stepping backwards. Must give up sense of control. Or drink more wine before class. The other part that concerns me is um, the wearing of the heels.

I cannot WALK in a FORWARD direction in heels. I cannot imagine dancing backwards! yet, at the same time, I am a flat footed woman who needs to learn how to step properly to TANGO. And that involves heels.

Truthfully? I’m more than excited just to have an excuse to dress up in red skirts/dresses and dance with my sweetie. Dance, walk backwards and step on toes, whatever. I get to look into his eyes while dreaming of the streets of Argentina.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?