Technology Sucks

Very frustrated with everything technology. Ready to quit.
1. Email/website has been down at work since Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday was registration day for the Chamber Scavenger Hunt. I have not been able to get in my work email since. Website is finally up though, because I logged in and pointed the account to the new servers which is what the hosting company said they were doing for me. Hahahahaha. Also, I had requested the migration to the new hosting package at the beginning of the week prior, they started it well. not at that time. #ChamberDirectorFail
2. 90% of the homes I show don’t require an electronic ebox, today I needed it. It, of course is not available. I have to call the office Monday to set one up on my phone, which is another cost of business. That does not help with this afternoon. Luckily, my friends are lovely and patient and understanding. #RealEstateAgentFail
3. My laptop keyboard decided that the following keys would no longer work, this morning: T, Backspace and Caps Lock. My darling Husband plugged in an extra keyboard to the laptop so I can work. Monday—when the computer died in the middle of me working on articles, it turned out it was the power cord. IT Husband to the rescue. #FreelanceWriterSocialMediaGodessFail
Off my chest. Moving on. Why can’t I make a living working in the garden? Oh yeah. that would suck too since it rains everyday and half the plants we planted I’m trying to move and “rescue” to get some sort of a harvest this year.
Is this month over yet?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?