Thank You Easter Bunny!

Holidays / Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Easter Eggs

Thank you Easter Bunny!

He Who Makes Me Smile and I started a tradition this year and bought two polish wooden painted Easter eggs at the Buffalo Broadway Market. I’ve wanted to start collecting these eggs for sometime and what better time than the present.

After getting home late last night from the Roller Derby bout I insisted that we paint two dozen Buffalo Sabres Easter Eggs before going to bed. Otherwise the Easter Bunny wouldn’t come!

I’m such a child. I woke up waaaaay too early this morning excited as a little girl and tried to get He Who Makes Me Smile out of bed so he could see THE EASTER BUNNY VISITED! He didn’t fall for it, so I had to ask him nicely to “go get me a glass of water, pleeeeeease?”

Easter Basket

And he saw this waiting on the table. Of course, being a normal human being he came back to bed without bringing the basket (way too early, very sleepy!) Until my “ICANTBELIEVEYOUCANLEAVEIT” impatient over-excited SMITHNESS overruled. I mean, I the Easter Bunny almost couldn’t wait until the morning and gave him basket before bed!

Tee hee.

And then we went back to bed for several more hours.



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