The Doctor and his Wife

Sometimes I don’t know how I got so lucky…

The good doctor brother and his wife decided to give their bigger, depressed, unemployed sister a little boost. Nutritionally that is…well, but for the caffeine

Tim called me last night to check up on me. Blah…Then he came over this morning to bring me his old coffeemaker on his way into the office. Yay! Because, well coffeemaker! And YAY because I had an interview this morning that I woke up not feeling too good about, I was teetering along just skipping out of it all together. Seriously. So knowing Tim was coming over and he would drop me off at the interview, well that was the push I needed.

So I am getting ready when Lo! Ding dong. Little brother is at the door, but not just with his coffeemaker in hand, but a TURKEY. AND two bags of heaping nutritious groceries! (Because you can’t feel better when you are not eating well!) The turkey was one of those $.19 per pound deals if you spend more than $25….which he did. (In fact, I hear he did for himself too, the wife and Baby Boy*girl* Smith are CRAVING Thanksgiving Dinner!) Of course, I’m overwhelmed and I start to cry. Bigger sister charity case, crying before her interview as a Family Life Educator—you know one who helps homeless young mothers find housing and employment and teaches them how to be good parents. Ugh. I can’t even take care of myself. Tim says the right thing “you would do the same for me” and I am just dumbfounded. I now have more to eat than just carbs, carbs and more carbs…which is all you can afford on a shoestring! Erin’s mom and dad have been feeding us too…without them our meat supply was negative. I am sure if my mother could help, she would as well, but well, she needs more help than I do…which is where little brother and Dayna come in. Wow. I do not deserve such kindness. Smart family I have, I never would have accepted the offer if it wasn’t literally on my doorstep 30 minutes before my interview.

Oh and I should also mention, he brought me GOOD coffee too…and french vanilla creamer. I just made the strongest pot of Joe to make up for my deficiency….mmmmm.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Someday I will make this up to you…


So now I am at the interview. Oh my, they had a board meeting that was running late when I got there…so the executive director was a little behind. Just sitting in the little waiting room was so exciting. People buzzing about, doing good things…I was overwhelmed but in a good way. I remember my first interview at *evil agency* 6 years ago…I was in the middle of the Administrative Building and all these people were coming in and out and I was sitting there, naive and young and inexperienced…the day I quit and walked through the office for the last time…the room was still buzzing about, this time everyone KNEW me and was wondering how I was (word travels fast…) and they were SO glad to see me! Little did they know I was putting in notice that day.

God, I miss that life…I loved the people I worked with. I loved knowing everyone. I loved the work we were doing. I just didn’t love all the people…some who were there for the wrong reasons. Alas…

So sitting in this lobby gave me such an exciting feeling!

Of course, the interview went well. But I am certain I will not be getting the job. The agency has 4, count em 4 people…the Executive Director, Coordinator, Caseworker and Family Life Educator (which is what I applied for) I would have to run the small staff of child center workers as well…I just don’t think I have enough, well any professional experience with infants and young children and that will be to my disadvantage. But, just knowing that places like this exist bring a smile to my face.

And I will be starting a temp position, I go in next Tuesday for training and start right away. 6 hours a day 5 days a week, doing fundraising calls. So? At least I will be ok…in a few weeks anyhow. In the meantime. I am well fed and loved. My cats are well fed. And I will hide from the landlord until I figure out how to pay my rent.

Not too bad for a Wednesday, eh? I might actually get some writing done this afternoon…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?