The ebb and flow

Personal / Saturday, April 28th, 2007

I miss Mark. I know I live with him so this doesn’t make sense…maybe it’s just me. We’re busy, but not that busy.

I’ve been a stressed out grump over work lately. And I know that Mark is the sounding board. And I know he takes it in like a sponge, but, well…Mark isn’t the one to go to to rant over and over and over. I love him for a million reasons but being chatty rant person with me, isn’t one of them. I said the other week when Linda and Rhonda were visiting that sometimes, sometimes I feel like I’m too much of my uncoupled independent self. Which to me is a GOOD thing in to be in a relationship. I can still pretty much do whatever I want. I check our calander for events and things on the weekend etc…but really? I’m exactly the same person I was before Mark and I lived together. I love this about us. But sometimes, it almost feels too, too *friendly* and not *relationshipy* I can be in the other room on the computer or reading or cooking and Mark can be reading or teaching classes or watching the fights or drawing and we never get in the way of each other. Co-existing is amazingly smooth. I love it. Right?

While out with the girls at Cozumel the other weekend it was brought up by my friends that they have the same few fights over and over and over with their husbands. And I thought, my GOD, Mark and I really don’t fight. Is that odd? I can get annoyed and he can be annoyed but that passes. But is this because we are co-existing so well in our household? Sort of like roommates? I don’t know. I do know that my favorite part of the day is waking up and falling asleep with Mark. And I do know that the last few weeks we have rarely gone to bed at the same time. One of us always finds the other in bed, knocked out and snoring (usually with a book and a cat nearby) not exactly romance central, eh? But life is good. So am I just being too sensitive? Less work and more play and a trip away together would do us awfully well, if we can just find the time. Sigh.

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