The “Grandmother” of Western New York Bloggers

Blogging / Monday, February 27th, 2006

One fellow blogger calls Smith the “grandmother” of Western New York Bloggers, because she worked to set up a network of local bloggers who read and link to each other’s sites.”

Grandmother? How very matronly sounding. Oh David, you are in trouble. And I was so darn excited about being carded this weekend while out at the Clarissa Room in Rochester. (Holy Vodka/Tonic by the way) Mark and I were a smidgen away from trying out the dance floor! And let me tell you, my definition of a damn fine Blues band is one that plays *The Thrill is Gone* and oh, John Cole played it alright. A great show!

Tee hee! But thank you Steve, for a wonderful wrap up of our activities. We like the attention. And comments. And comments. Oh, and did I mention that bloggers LOVE COMMENTS 🙂

Link to the story and the ADORABLE picture of my roomie (I mean rentmate) Erin as well as the ever handsome BP here…after 9 am.

Damn Buffalo News with that *updated at 9 am dinosaur* I mean most people have had their 3 cups of coffee by that time, and want to get the news before starting work…get with the times!!!

P.S. It still drives me batty that the BLOGGER spell check doesn’t recognize blog, blogger, blogging and other derivatives of their own concept!

P.S.S. VAL had a wonderful write up in Buffalo Spree this month!  Us bloggers are good peeps. “I might actually BE an artist.” Yes dear, you are! Keep inspiring me!

P.S.S.S. CRAP! Thanks to Kevin, I realized my 27 chins are featured in 2 pictures in the back of this months Buffalo Spree magazine. Sigh…now those are depressing pictures. I really look like that, don’t I. I prefer this picture of me this weekend as Lil Bear. Otherwise known as Jen in a Kitty Hat.

And one more…from the Wall Street Journal I offer this addendum, and no I am not wearing my pajamas!

“If blogs are hard to pin down, so are bloggers. A common caricature beloved by editorialists is the pajama-clad navel-gazer who deems the minutiae of his or her life worthy of a world-wide audience — and there are such bloggers. (Some of them are quite entertaining, too.) But there are other caricatures: the snarky soapbox blogger trying to parlay attitude into life as an author or talking head (and earn some money via text ads), or the political ranter digging up obscure dirt. When even the caricatures don’t mesh, that’s a warning sign about generalizations. “

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?