So of course, let’s poll the people it REALLY affects? OR perhaps we should keep it neat and pretty and poll the people who have to dip ever so slightly, into that Mexican family vacation fund?

Poll finds gas prices posing hardships

According to the poll, just over six in 10 of those who make between $50,000 and $75,000 a year say gas prices are a hardship, compared with four in 10 a year ago. Yet the price spikes have not influenced people’s views about fuel-efficient cars.

No. Gas prices are a hardship for the family who lives in a trailer. A husband who works part time as a farmer and a wife that works part time at least 20 miles away as a CNA making $8 an hour. The grandparents who simply CAN NOT afford to drive 2 hours to see their first grandchild because they do not have the extra $50 in their pocket. You know the people who live paycheck to paycheck? That my friends- is hardship.

Anyone making $50-$75 K a year has an ANNOYANCE when it comes to higher gas prices. Oh how sad…little Jimmy and Jane have to ride together in one car to baseball and ballet instead of bringing out both SUV’s. No shit prices are troubling, but people who bring home $1000 a week? Can most likely pay the extra $20 a week for gas. I want to see the stories about the rest of the people. The ones on the fringes of losing their jobs because they can’t afford the extra $100 a month to get back and forth to work. Find a dictionary and use it: Hardship.

It reminds me of the other week when I saw a little child throw a tantrum in the store…”But Daddy, I’m STAAAAARVING.” And the Daddy answered. (No, not: “You are not starving darling, you are merely hungry.” ) Nope the daddy answered…”and what are you starving for?” UGH! Someone, please take this Daddy to a soup kitchen to volunteer just once.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?