The many changes of Facebook…

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.

Here’s a simple list of things you could do to make your life and ours easier.

  1. Notify users when changes are going to be made, before changes are made. Seeking out outside articles to figure out changes seems like a really bad customer service/business model
  2. Stop making additions that change privacy/defaulted settings. I have it set up so NOTHING emails me, yet with each change things are emailed to me. I have it set up so I’m not on any lists, yet with each change I’m added to a list. It seems like a really bad customer service/business model to not allow people to opt-in to new privacy/default settings.

Ok, with that said. I use Facebook for work, several pages for work. I keep up-to-date with not only my personal contacts/friends but my professional ones and the pages of places I need to network with professionally to do my (part of) my daily job.

If you are annoyed by the Facebook changes and you only check once in a while to see what’s up with friends, just imagine how annoying it is to sort through all the Top News as decided by Facebook and New Lists as decided by Facebook or Email Notifications as decided by Facebook for all these other people/pages too.

Tiring. Makes me dizzy.

Needless to say, I have decided to ween myself out of the Facebook update habit and move over to Google+. All I need/want is a place where I can see what people are posting, when they post it and have people see what I post when I post it. I don’t want a fancy formula to figure out what posts are the BEST or should be a the top of my feed. I don’t want to refresh my page 27 times in order to see the updates of my friends. I don’t want to have to go to each individual friend and page and choose exactly how much information I want to see from each person (again, the default, why default to MOST instead of ALL?)

Facebook can make as many changes as they want, I’m not paying for it, I get they are constantly playing catch up to the new and cool kids…but since they choose to make changes that don’t appeal to me, I’m choosing to use a service that does.

Of course I still have to be in the loop of Facebook professionally and most of my friends won’t be on Google+ posting photos of their wee ones for a few more years after a few more changes with Facebook then everyone becomes MySpaced and makes the migration to the next big thing. And it might not even BE Google+ who knows, I guess that’s the fun part being involved with social media. Figuring out the next big thing.

As for me personally? I’m going to TRYTRYTRY to keep most of my *updates* and thoughts and links over HERE and then send them out to Twitter/Facebook.

Any other random musings I’m going to leave to Google+. At least for now.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?