The Road

The Road. Ugh.

People like this book? Best Book of the Year? MOVIE? REALLY?

Am I missing something? Because I thought it was AWFUL

I almost gave up, but I wanted to see if SOMETHING. ANYTHING would happen. Other than the blatantly obvious.

Boring, dragging. Um, what on earth are they going to do in a movie? Walk down a road and look for food for 2 hours?

I wanted to know WHY the world was covered in ash.

I wanted something…more. ANYTHING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I hated this book.

Glad to see at least one amazon reviewer felt the same.

Review: THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy
1.5 stars

The author wrote. Short sentences. Clipped and cold, like the air of his novel. Ash covering everything. He stumbled forward.

Why dont we use apostrophes, Papa?
I dont know. We dont use quotation marks either.
Is it confusing?
Maybe. But we do use pathetic fallacy.
What’s pafethic phallacy?
Pathetic fallacy. “To signify any description of inanimate natural objects that ascribes to them human capabilities, sensations, and emotions.”
Oh. Like the weather? Like nature?
Yes, like nature.
Does it hate us?
No, it doesn’t hate us. But the author does. He wants to manipulate emotional responses in readers to our relationship by making us suffer. He wants to explore me, an ordinary man, in an extraordinary circumstance.
Is it interesting?
Not really.

He made the characters fashion shoes out of refuse, light fires, look for food, lay listening, push the cart, and sleep together in the cold. Again and again. And again for good measure. And once more.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?