These Are 27 of My Favorite Things

These Are 27 of My Favorite Things

A list in no particular order of a few of my favorite things from throughout the years.

1. Baby Blanket  (Made by Gma Baker)

2. Freshwater Pearl Necklace (16th birthday present from parents)

3. Class Ring (present from Aunt Carroll)

4. Blue Musical Teddy Bear (Santa Claus)

5. Waldo the Penguin (Santa Claus)

6. Stuffed Dog (present from Gma/Gpa Baker)

7. Gma Smith’s Mini Pink Rosary

8. Amethyst and Diamond Penguin Necklace (present  from HWMMS)

9. Les Miserables Complete Cast Recording (present from Lil Brother)

10. Secretary Desk (present from HWMMS just like the one Gma/Gpa Smith had)

11. My Allegheny Senior Comprehensive Thesis

12. Orange and Black Benetton Sweatshirt (High School Colors)  (present from ME!)

13. Giant Jewelry Box (present from HWMMS)

14. My Dad’s Quilted Plaid Farm Shirt/Bathrobe/Coffee Mug

15, Cow Coffee Mug from our honeymoon in the Berkshires

16, Acoustic Guitar Ron Hawkins Played for my 40th Birthday

17. Granny Square Poncho (made by Gma Baker for 30th birthday)

18. Ridiculously large crocheted Christmas Stocking (made by Gma Baker)

19. Brass Urn Lamp (belonged to Gma/Gpa Smith)

20. Christina Galina my Cabbage Patch Kid (Santa Claus)

21. ADPi “Grape Ape” Pledge Class Letters

22. Kitchenaid Mixer (my Ladies in Red for our wedding shower)

23. Cookbook of Gma Baker Recipes (made by Aunt Carroll)

24. My Carhartt Jacket (from Lll Brother and Dayna)

25. Ceramic Rooster Pitcher (belonged to Mama Weber)

26. Black and White Aerial Photograph of 3137 Rt. 39 (childhood homestead)

27. Weber Wonderland

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