Things to accomplish in my 30th year

Personal / Thursday, January 1st, 2004

1. Read all the books I own (ha ha ha ha ha…by December? I have this problem, I always buy more books!)
2. Get a passport. Get a stamp in my passport or have a real down payment on a future trip. (See Ireland below)
3. Discover 5 new bands. (any suggestions?)
4. Visit Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
5. GET to NYC, see Katie, and 2/3 of the following MOMA, Broadway show, Anderson Cooper Live.
6. Visit Joanne in Virginia Beach. (southwest, cheap cheap flights.)
7. Frequent yard sales in town, acquire funky stuff.
8. Get in shape. (he he he…)
9. Become a tad bit healthier, perhaps drink less, eat more fruit, eat out less?
10. Graduate. Graduate. Graduate.
11. Go home more. Visit Gma/Gpa, Linda, Carrie (and baby), Melissa (and baby)
12. See a movie at the Drive-in. (No, I have never done this…)
13. Make out at the Drive-in? (perhaps I will need John for this one…although he insists if I decided to choose a woman, that would be acceptable (not cheating) as long as I take pictures.)
14. Hear Ron sing “every fucking colour in between…” at least once this summer.
15. Get something written. Get someone to read. Get someone to pay me? (even if it is My View in the Buffalo News.)
16. Refinish furniture.
17. Paint.
18. See PHIL COLLINS live : )
19. Find a worthy community activist group to become a part of…
20. Go on a picnic. Preferably with man, not cats.
21. Make good use of having boyfriend in D.C. while he is there…(meaning visit places in DC I have not been)
22. Sing! Sing! Sing! (join Caren’s singing group)
23. Get thee to church more…make it to coffee hour after service with new gay Episcopal boyfriends (David & Andy, one is finishing up his education degree and one is applying to law school!)
24. Plant daffodils and tulips outside of new FABULOUS apartment for next spring!
25. Finish CALLING IN THE (damn) ONE.
26. Take time to appreciate the simple things more.
27. (?) Any ideas?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?