I intentionally stayed away from the fun Summer Block Party up the street last night/going out with my cousin out on the town, not because of feeling BLAH, not because I am in “old, married couple” mode (although we are quite domesticated enjoying our neighborhood and porches) No, because WE HAVE NO MONEY. And I cannot be tempted to spend even a dime. Next week, after my payday. I can afford to spend a quarter perhaps BUT until September rolls around and Mark gets paid…we are on RED ALERT of the Wallet.

Someone please remind me of this next week when you see me at the Buffalo Old Home Days Happy Hour and the Elmwood Festival of the Arts.Thank you.

Mark and I have been doing a lot of the cutesy couply hanging at bookstore gigs the last two weekends. Do you KNOW how happy it makes me to find a man who can pick up arms full of books/magazines and bring them back to a table with a cup of coffee and read for hours? True love.

After only 5 Allegra D’s (GENERIC) My nose is in a much happier place. Although I woke up around 5:00 and had to take an Advil. Still having headaches. Blah.

The merging of the step-cats is still coming along slowly. However, the other day Mark spotted the matronly bitch princess cat Keesa sitting alongside the prissy-brat of all time Sasha Kitten? No freaking way! Miracles do happen.

I’m a little sad that I sold about $750 worth of books on ebay/ when I was unemployed. Some I didn’t want to part with, but went for a good price. I also sold off most of my CD collection at the time which was probably worth another $500. So…if you can imagine (and I know some of you who have helped me move over the years can attest to!) what $750 worth of used books on my shelf would look like…that is an additional number of books read, I once owned. My bookshelf numbers are skewed right now, because I sold at least half of the ones I read. And the half that I have left? I might have read about 2/3’s of them. Mmmm. Ok, maybe 1/2 of them.(And now I have Mark’s shelf too!)

And this is me…for now.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?