Dating / Friday, August 12th, 2005

Be yourself. Date someone good for you by being yourself. Period.

This crap makes me mad. Do they write the emails for you afterwards? Talk on the phone for you? Take your new date out to dinner?

I’m not your regular type of guy. I am a very honest, considerate, and jovial man. I have a dry, witty sense of humour which comes from living in England and Ireland most of my life.

After: Are you ready for a man with an English Beat? I grew up in the UK, play guitar, and actually had my 15 minutes of fame playing at the Grammys. I will be happy to take your requests and play your favorite song.

Once a profile is out there, the dating process can get even more complicated, so Kelly is launching a full-time business offering a range of services for daters from profile makeovers to in-person dating coaching.

I mean if I could write a personal ad, with what I REALLY WOULD want to say I am looking for? I am certain…well…email me and I will tell you what I would I am looking for…

ANYHOW, must be true to yourself. Period.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?