“This is not our cat!”

Pets, Randomments / Monday, July 24th, 2006

Oh dear. I haven’t yet blogged about the joys of co-parenting FOUR cats…I might as well being somewhere.

Mark and I are hanging out in our *Middle Room* the room with all the fun gadgets. Entertainment room? Office? TV Room? Nyah, we call it what it is, the room in the middle of the house.

Suddenly out of nowhere we hear a mass cacophony of feline proportions coming from Mark’s Play Room. (One might call it a studio- but he calls it his play room.) Attached to the Play Room is a back door that leads to a pint sized back porch and our cozy fenced in backyard. We found out quickly that the screen on the back door was old and ripped after leaving Sasha Kitten locked in the room when we first moved in. A huge tear in the screen and one missing kitty. Of course we found Sasha in the backyard, and he has been desperate to go back out since. You see, we want the four of our cats to get along INSIDE the house before letting them all roam, outside. Plus we need to purchase new collar and name tags and flea treatment…which we can afford when our first paychecks start to roll in…

Many meows…and howls. Mark runs into the Play Room and the next thing I hear is…

“This is not our cat!”

Yep. The neighbor cat apparently thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of our very old and decaying screen and JUMP THROUGH INTO OUR HOUSE. Where it JUST SO HAPPENS that all four of our cats were silently waiting to pounce. ALL FOUR OF OUR CATS IN THE SAME ROOM? This only happens at 3:34 in the morning when they are all fighting over sleeping next to their favorite owner.

Apparently the cats will stick together to fight against the catburgler!!!

The aftermath of trying to calm down two pairs of already skittish cats following a cat burglar attempt is quite amusing to be a part of as well…I am just so damn glad this did not occur at, oh, 4:27.

Aside: I wonder where I pull words like cacophony out of my ass from? I will be typing away and one word will just come to me, a word I have never thought about using in conversation or most likely never used before in my life. But it will just appear, right out of the blue and I use it randomly in a blog post.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?