Throwing Sheep

Personal, Social Media / Sunday, February 12th, 2017


A friend just posted a simple, innocent status on her Facebook page today..

“I miss the old days of Facebook… you know when we posted what we were eating, where we were and threw sheep at one another…”

The comment thread rapidly turned into a pile of pointing fingers and demeaning her for wanting to keep her head in the sand. By intelligent people, she calls friends. And then attacks. Ugly.

And these are FRIENDS. Who KNOW her. I honestly had to go back up and see what the original post was because it made no sense at all how people who are friendly and smart and all care about this world we live in—–turned something so innocent into something so, so ugly.

Not acceptable. THIS THIS THIS is why I’m hating Facebook lately. Just because someone doesn’t want to engage in political discussion does not mean they are not engaged and aware of the world around them.

I have no tolerance for this behavior. I have hidden most people from my feed who have chosen to preach at me about EITHER side of the issues—now, I’m just deleting. Life is too short.

And I don’t mean people who choose to post their opinion on their page.That is what makes America great, the right to express our own opinions and engage in discussion, respectfully.

I have no problem with people posting what they think, that’s what you should do—-whatever you want to do. I agree to disagree with some of my very best friends over many things in life—not just politics. Having a basic human decency and respect over our fellow friends, neighbors—mankind goes a long, long way. Making people feel small is never ever the answer.

If this is what people are capable of who CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER my God we are all screwed–this anger is not helping anything. It’s only dividing us more. AND the crazy thing, we are all on the same side.

Terrifying. It’s just terrifying what this election has done to our country.

Support each other. Not tear people down. Inherently, what’s wrong with someone saying they miss seeing people post about their day to day life? I mean I think we ALL wish our world wasn’t a giant tire fire right now. I have no idea how being so angry and tearing good people with the best intentions down will help solve anything in the world. Stupid idealistic me, eh?

Love is love is love is love.

Let’s all just try a littler harder to be a little nicer.


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