Rochester, NY baby!

The HARD and the EASY Tour!!!!

All I need to put a smile on my face is Great Big Sea. And the music. Happy. Love. Drinking. Friendly. Canadian Pride. And. Oh. God. Sooooooo HANDSOME! And talented. And it’s almost St. Patty’s Day! (One year I had The Old Black Rum on my answering machine during the festivus week) Alan Doyle is just about the most exuberant musician one could EVER see live. Throws himself, and that voice, and hair, and eyes, and dimples and all of his spirit into every show. Witty banter. Sexy men. Who could ask for anything more? A permanent smile on my face. I CANNOT WAIT!

I do not own the new disc yet (for shame for shame) but tis my goal to purchase. And get the boys to sign for me. Hey, I need to round out the trilogy of meeting my favorite bands! Lowest of the Low. Check. Carbon Leaf. (Who I discovered via a GBS show!) Check. GBS…NEXT!

This time I am seeing one of my favourite bands with my Mark and his best buds Paul and Melissa. Go figure, they are fans too! Currently, I am devouring the fantabulous CD Mr. Paul made for me…LIVE from the Something Beautiful tour HENCE THE WAAAAAY TOO EXCITED BLOG POST! Road Rage (their live CD) is one of my all time must haves to cheer me up. And now this live mix…pretty darn close!

And when I hear the words “threw me naked on the bed” come from Mr. McCann. (pictured above) Breathing. Stops. Mmmmm. Aside: Marky you are in for one good night…ahem.

So goodbye. Farethee well. Update tomorrow! Hopefully a good enough review to make it on their website!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?