Personal / Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Oh I have the best timing really.

I sever my tendon and two nerves the day before I officially start my new position as Community Relations Manager: a week with two press conferences, two long doctor appointments and a total of two showers because it was just too darn painful and too much work. I didn’t end up going to the one press conference (thanks Sire) I just couldn’t muster enough energy to get all dolled up that early to introduce myself with a large hand bandage on.

I also had a Best of Buffalo appearance, a work happy hour I organized and an evening of work to do for the Co-op. AND I had to pack up my entire apartment and land in my new place by Friday night. GOOD. TIMES.

Actually, I can’t complain. I had soooo much help last night from family and friends. (Thank you again.) And my hand could be so much worse. And I love and adore my new position, I just was out of the office a lot this week.And I have a to-do list longer than…my snapped tendon.

However, with that said, I shall whine (not wine) just a little.


The surgeon told me not to drive. (Ahem.) They also wrapped my hand in such a way that I kept bumping my damn thumb. I had to unwrap it within an hour because it hurt so freaking badly. I rewrapped pulling my thumb a little closer to my hand. And that makes it a lot better. I can type and push down with my fingers, but any pulling…ouch. Pain shoots right up my arm and I’m not even using my thumb.

I’ve already been a bad patient. Impatient patient. Since I have been moving and packing boxes all week I haven’t exactly *relaxed* my hand. And it has been swollen and warm for the most part every evening. And I have to take the bandage off because it hurts and is sweaty and hot. But seriously, tis a small price to pay, it could be soooooooo much worse.

And since my timing is impeccable I still have to do what I have to do, not like I had a choice not to move. I felt like a total heel for not being able to move a lot of my boxes and large things from the old to the new place yesterday. I just couldn’t. And it made me feel, awful. I never like taking advantage asking for help from people who love me and want to help and I just felt like a tool.

And then there are those lower stitches on my palm that are really starting to painfully agitate me as they *heal* I think it’s just because I have been using my hand too much. But ow. Dry and itchy and painful when bumped.

But in general, life is good. And I am happy. And moved. And love my job and friends and family.

Surgery Tuesday.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?