Tiny Talent Time: Otherwise Known as My First Accordion Sighting

Ah, Tiny Talent Time. Show of hands ? How many of us grew up watching this show?

Now, how many of us with our hands up remember there being an awful lot of Canadian youngsters who played the accordion on this show?

Me. I do. I remember because I was super envious of all those little kids and wanted to play my very own accordion someday BECAUSE OF THIS SHOW!

Mind you, I grew up just admiring…talented, intelligent…accordion players instead. Did I mention drop dead gorgeous?


Shortly after my dearest cousin came out…we sat at Frizzy’s where she met said accordion player and told me she would go straight for him. (I think she might have told him that also.)

And another married into the family relative of mine (not mentioning ANY NAME, ahem) denied being married to my brother a family member at a concert one night when David asked all the single ladies to make some noise in the audience. Yeah, she was standing right next to her husband as well, but…

Moral of the story. Jen never learned to play the accordion, but thank you Tiny Talent Time.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?