Tomato Hornworm

Garden / Friday, August 10th, 2012

Tomato Hornworm w/ Braconid Wasp Eggs


Tomato Hornworm w/ Braconid Wasp Eggs

So, so gross. But, beneficial to the garden. This is the 2nd one I’ve found this week.

Tomato Hornworm Parasitized by Braconid Wasp Larva

A natural predator of the tomato hornworm is a tiny beneficial insect called the braconid wasp. This wasp lays its eggs inside the hornworm. As they hatch, they eat their way out, killing the hornworm in the process. It’s a bit off-putting to see this creature on your plants, but you’re better off letting him be and letting the wasps do their job. Once they hatch, they’ll be enough braconid wasps to keep your garden hornworm free.


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