Too Close to Home

All in a Days Work, Personal / Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Too Close to Home. Dear God. I’m having a really hard time reading this story in the News today.

Two youths charged with killing worker at Lockport group home

This could have been me. No really, it could have been. I was a residential counselor in a home for at-risk youth for 5 years. I worked overnight shifts alone with 13 residents as well as daytime shifts with 13 residents and 2 staff members and in group homes day and night alone with 6 residents.

God bless that poor 24 year old group home worker who was killed. I can’t even imagine. I’ve been in her shoes at her age so many times…it could have been anyone. Too tragic for words.

From my blog October 2003.

“The other girls later told staff when we were debriefing the morning events that the girls were planning something more serious, like knocking me out… and they also said it wasn’t supposed to be that serious because I should have just given them my keys.”

Rereading my blog post from that night makes my stomach turn.

All my prayers to the loved ones of the poor victim of this horrific crime. And to the still dedicated masses of so many who work everyday to serve these children in need…

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