Trimania. Oh my goodness. I was quite impressed at just how many people were at Trimania on Saturday night and even more, how many Mark and I knew from here, there and everywhere. Considering I sadly, am not one who is involved in the Arts Scene here in Buffalo, it was nice to be among the masses enjoying the music, dance, art and people watching. Although in some cases the art itself was doing the people watching…wrapped in duct tape and mummified. Yikes!

The 5th floor was where we spent most of our time. But for a brief diversion to the 1st floor to see the “Pine Dogs” who came HIGHLY recommended from Val/Kevin. Loved them…the music made me happy and brought dreams of summertime and cold beers.

The non-profit development lover of community and all things good loved this line found in the program book…

“…right here in the Tri-Main Center- Buffalo Arts Studio is proving once again that cultural organizations are the economic engines that drive development. As a community, we must do all we can to keep these artistic fires burning- to expose, educate, and nurture future artists so they might show the way to our own revitalization.”

Right on! Kudos! Expose, educate and nurture future artists.

Even those future artists that are hardly trained artists at all? Like the All Things Dabble in a Little Bit of Everything Jennifer’s out there in the world? My God. I want to paint. I want to collage and sculpt and take picture with a big camera and sing and write and socialize and and and. Sigh…sadly, I find that I’m a little bit of everything. Not one thing with great passion, but many maybe  someday’s with great interest.

My God has my camera been broken for a YEAR? I haven’t painted with those paints since Mark bought them for me? Oh yeah, the studio (as in the art studio/room, not the makeshift Wing Chun Kung Fu studio in the front room) has been used for storage and shut off since the heat went on this Fall. Pathetic. Something needs to be done to remedy this situation.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?