We just drove up our curvy, hilly driveway in the middle of the woods and saw a dozen turkeys just hanging out. As we approached half went to the left and half went to the right. I lost count at about 13! GOBBLE GOBBLE!

And then because we stopped halfway up the curvy, hilly, slick and freezing cold and not yet salted driveway…our car got stuck in the snow. The first attempt of breaking free almost ended up rear ending a tree and the second attempt brought us close to the ditch.  And I wasn’t even the one driving!!!

This is gonna be lots of fun this winter…methinks the little Taurus won’t be seeing much action this season…Four Wheel Drive exclusively! Or maybe a tractor with a plow. It’s not too far into town.

Did I mention it is currently TOO COLD TO SNOW where we live? The ski lodges are going crazy making snow and will be ready to open this week, but at a balmy 16 degrees here at home…no snowflakes are falling. No excuses now, I’m taking down all things harvest and starting with the Christmas decorations instead.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?