Mind and Spirit / Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Twenty-Seven is my favorite number, it has been for a long, long time so I don’t think there’s any spiritual significance when I see it, it’s just a random number I’ve been following.

So last night, after I wrote the whiny post prior to this one that was filled with nothing, I was watching Modern Family on the TV. The father crashed a motorcycle and I thought it was funny because he said he had been out there for 27 minutes—-27!

Now it’s time for bed and go to let the dogs out, only Harley goes—-and I notice the world is eerily quiet, seriously quiet—no peepers in the pond, no stars in the cloudy sky. Very, very quiet. and very, very atypical. It made me stop and notice and take in the night, a few deep breaths, a few thank yous to the universe.

A few minutes later I’m ready to come in but Harley isn’t. I call him. And call. And I’m getting frustrated and calling him and the tone of my voice is stressed—-AND WHY really, why? He’s not running away, he is just going to the bathroom and wandering for a few minutes. I’m not late for anything, no danger awaits. CHILL.

I hear this voice inside CHILL, Breathe, be patient—-count to 27 and he will be at the door.

27. That’s a lot longer than 10. But I do, slowly count to 27 and AT THE EXACT MOMENT I HIT 26 I hear him coming up the stairs and he is at the door—at 27.

Yep. I smile, laugh and thank the universe for teaching me the lesson to listen and for patience. And then even stranger, the peepers started peeping. I came inside and wrote down on my notepad things I love—my husband, my puppies, my home. And tried to go to bed with a heart of gratitude. When I got into bed, I cuddled right up to my husband and said thank you for loving me.

Now it’s post cuddle and scroll through phone at bedtime…I’m browsing Pinterest looking at businessy type boards and I come across this:


27 hours later.

And this…


Another 27.

SO BEING GREEDY. I ask for one more 27 before bed so I know I’m not going crazy and all is well and I’m on the right track. Because I didn’t want to “count” the Harley 27 as the 3rd when there are two from Pinterest back to back.


No sooner do I think this – I get a failure to send message from my phone back to me—–which was the last screenshot of the 27 above (I send these things to myself via text to email at night so they are there for me when I wake up in the morning on the computer.)

I laughed. And shook my head while hearing the words “don’t be greedy.”

Don’t. Be. Greedy.

Damn. Truth.

Here I was complaining, blogging just an hour ago about how I was lacking direction and felt disconnected to spirit and then without hesitation, I started listening in a moment of quiet—-found a 27. And then two more.

And then got greedy and was thrown back the reminder in my face that I already received the 27.

Funny how that works, eh?





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