Randomments, Social Media / Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Twitterments. Because not everyone is on Twitter.

  1. I find myself saying “it’s only x’o’clock” all the time lately. As in, it’s only 8:39pm o’clock? Really?
  2. Today is a finding it hard kind of day to do the daily day things that seem to not matter at all because OUR WORLD IS CRUMBLING IN CHAOS.
  3. Am I really supposed to believe that all these people in the world who are now SHOCKED over the HW allegations DIDN’T KNOW? C’mon.
  4. I thought I was having an ok day…And then I realized I didn’t read the news yet. Story of my life since January 2017.
  5. Terrifying. It’s all beyond reason. “Trump could be of perfectly sound mind and simply be the worst, most unfit person to hold the office.”
  6. I love my porch at Weber Wonderland the most…
  7. Today was the first day in averylongtime that I felt…normal again.
  8. We have NO problem attracting toads at Weber Wonderland!
  9. That moment when you reach for your cup and you realize it’s all gone…
  10. Seasonally appropriate weather in October makes my heart happy.
  11. The world needs more majestic llamas…
  12. Fire. Water. Wind. Words. Ugh, the news is killing my soul.
  13. Saw a PERFECT house with a friend today…but the taxes, oh the taxes are SO DAMN HIGH. Ugh. Killer.
  14. Never enough money for all the books, never. 🙂
  15. Why am I still awake?
  16. Right now…I’ll settle just for striving to get words on the page. 🙂 Enter
  17. LOVE! Love. Love. Love. Love. A poem by new twitter friend. I thank with haiku.
  18. Sorry not sorry I ate the entire bowl of peas I just picked from our .
  19. Why is the weather so warm and wacky in WNY? I would like October weather please.
  20. Irrational things I don’t like -Long Ass Tweets more than 140 characters.
  21. Current voice in my head…”someone needs to write Lucy’s stories…”
  22. That moment when you realize it’s only a wee bit after 9pm and you really think about joining your Husband who is already in bed.
  23. Been working behind the scenes on cleaning up my blog archives from the last dozen years. Went from 3,832 posts in May to 1,754 posts today.
  24. Out of those 1,754 posts. 252 have a “good” score. The rest are ok. Considering most of them had nothing that’s an improvement.
  25. Our friends just left and are headed back on the road. My heart misses them already. Thankful for times with good people.
  26. 3 way tie.
  27. LOVING the turnovers.