Social Media / Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Because not everybody loves Twitter like I do…

    1. “And a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend. And since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward, I will be prepared to be much stronger.”
    2. “I’m just sitting here with a mustache and memories of last night.” – Burt Reynolds
    3. Today we broke into the “back up coffee” supply. Not the “emergency back up coffee in the storage cellar” but still…” Chock Full O’ Uck.
    4. “I’m sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR”
    5. “I feel really warm when I’m around you and my tongue swells up, so, do you want to go eat food?”
    6. Hahahahaha. is leading the noon news with a weather report about—Springville.
    7. I have no idea who is qualified for such a job, but the title Assistant Mozzarella Manager is AWESOME
    8. HWMMS is up in a pained frenzy searching for a heating pad (that I don’t remember owning) & we have over a foot of snow in the driveway (more coming) he needs to plow (didn’t go out yesterday.) Pray for me.
    9. I guess being sick didn’t make a difference after all…we had plans to visit besties in Bemus Point. Always, always choose safe at home during storms if you have a choice. Not worth an accident.
    10. I cannot be horizontal. Will cough and cough. I also cannot sleep sitting up. My husband and dog are snoring happily besides me in bed. Jealous, I am.
    11. Both Sides Now… BIG UGLY TEARS
    12. Just the soundtrack brings tears to my eyes.
    13. I cannot believe HWMMS never watched Love Actually in its entirety with me before. (He is currently sucked in…shhhhhhhh….maybe he will stay!)
    14. I cried last night at the end of Die Hard. I’m not even 5 minutes into Love Actually and the tears are flowing. Oh boy…
    15. Snow Puppy is the happiest puppy.
    16. I almost put Vaporub on my new tattoo.
    17. Oh, man. Yule Goat!
    18. “I am not in need.” HWMMS and I are watching Christmas movies. In and out of coughing fits and mini naps. Bellies full. Dogs cuddling close. Cats warm and cozy. Snow soon to be endlessly falling… Merry Christmas everyone.
    19. I just cried at the end of Christmas Vacation. Holy sick+PMS.
    20. I wasn’t going to watch the game. I was going to nap. Now I’m watching the game and OHMYGODITSNOTEVENTHE4THQUARTERYET.
    21. Bah. The sickness forced our hand. Weber only Christmas
    22. I’m apparently channeling the physical rage I feel from the burning ball of fire in my chest onto Twitter this morning. Merry Christmas Eve. Eve for us.
    23. I mean really, this is the President of the United States. Not unlike a 12 year old bully. Unfathomable what our Country has become. I weep, daily.
    24. Tis the season of delicious soups. Zuppa Toscana last night and Bean & Bacon today. YUM.
    25. Why does diet ginger ale exist? It tastes like pure chemicals.
    26. The sick is real. Spent most of morning in bed and most of afternoon.
    27. Ugh, Having a rough go of it today, on the verge of tears all morning. No real explanation. Sending love to so many…
    28. Mind/Matter? Matter is winning. All the Vitamin C & water please. Next step preemptive Nyquil. Do not want the HWMMS sickness.
    29. Um, try me. “So a six-figure advance, while in my experience gratefully received, is not necessarily enough, in itself, for most adults to live on.”
    30. Today is my husband’s birthday. He’s been sick and sleeping since about 6pm last night. In a way I’m envious…
    31. I hate everything.
    32. Ever have one of those days that knocks you completely off your game and down about 27 notches? Yeah. F*** today.
    33. Current Status: Emotionally Eating My Way Through An Entire Box of Golden Grahams.
    34. Currently at a bottom of a cup of coffee that tastes so terrible I’m not sure how I didn’t notice earlier.
    35. I was thinking about writing out the to-do list of things I should have done today and then should be doing tonight but nope. Bedtime instead. Zzzzz.
    36. I can’t even imagine living to 64 let alone 94.
    37. “Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.” -Nick Fury
    38. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh.
    39. One of these days I might wake up in a good mood. Maybe.
    40. Love when old friends come into town. And by old, I mean younger but long time ago friends of course. Looking at you .
    41. DirectTV signal has been down at Weber Wonderland all afternoon, for the entire BILLS game. Odd, because it was working this morning. AND the weather outside is FINE.
    42. I either need a pot of coffee or a long Winter nap. Since the 2nd option isn’t happening…
    43. It’s also days like this when I’m thankful for the gift of my sweet Harley Dog who has spent about 75% of the day partially on my lap and cuddling close. Empathy sponge.  I also have no logical reason for being so damn tired.
    44. I’m feeling all the feelings of pain and fear and sadness in the world tonight. World weary. Heart heavy.
    45. Me: Which Marvel movie did you choose? HWMMS: GoG2 Me: Oh, ok. Me (one minute later): OH HELL NO NOT THE DEAD DAD TIMES TWO ONE. WHY! HWMMS: I’m Mary Poppins ya’all!
    46. Dear Alien Beings From Other Planets, Please come save us. Love, All Things Jennifer
    47. So much snow…
    48. Frank Castle is such a bad ass character. Also, I love . (Almost done with Season One of . Wah wah.)
    49. It’s already getting dark out and it’s only 4pm.
    50. I just wrote LLOL. Literally Laughed Out Loud. I know LOL is supposed to mean that but how many people are LLOLing when using LOL?
    51. In other words, BE SAFE driving home tonight from work, stay home this weekend. Bake cookies, fill out cards, decorate and enjoy another almost foot of , at least at Weber Wonderland.  
    52. What HWMMS said: I’m going to watch Punisher, want to come down? What I heard: I’m going to watch butter churn, want to come down? I should just go to bed.
    53. I just saw a thread by asking for 3 words to describe 2017 and all I wanted to do was cry, What a miserable year.
    54. Today, cockteased me. I typed in our address and it GAVE ME AN OPTION TO ORDER. Until HWMMS called to confirm —“working on your area” ASSHOLES. Rural internet blows giant elephant donkey FCC net neutrality no more balls. I hate everything today.
    56. Deep Thoughts by HWMMS “Why is eggnog a thing? I mean it’s like one step above mayonnaise?”
    57. HWMMS keeping it real…”so we’re bombing someone tomorrow?”
    58. Crying. Bigly. God Bless America.
    59. This world is much too much too much for me. I’m seriously CRYING UGLY tears right now over a Senate race, in Alabama.
    60. Me: Tied. HWMMS: I’m not long now either… Me: No, not tired. Tied. But actually, yes tired too.
    61. I honestly think I need to somehow tear myself away from all the media and hide and go sleep. When tomorrow turns out horrible, I can pretend it is just fake news because I never saw it happening in real time. Or something.
    62. Oh, hello there 2 feet of snow in our driveway. I guess Mr. Snowmeister was busy today in Concord/Springville!
    63. Current mood when not scrolling news on Twitter: Whimsically wistful and wondering…
    64. Is the LSAT really grueling? I don’t recall GRUELING. I mean at the end of law school most take the bar exam, right? Also, math. GRE makes you do MATH.
    65. ENOUGH. We as humans don’t tolerate this behavior from acquaintances we wave to a few houses down. How. On. Earth. Is. This. Person. The. President.
    66. 219. Springville to Colden. Already two accidents… Drive slow fortheloveofgod. If HWMMS can drive slow anyone can. Suuuuuuuper slick.
    67. No to video. I will be the very last holdout but I don’t care to watch video online, I prefer to read and look at pretty pictures please.
    68. There must be hundreds of people talking about me because my ears are ringing SO LOUDLY RIGHT NOW.
    69. It’s 3:13pm and I’m just now starting to feel my toes again. In other news, I’ve asked Santa for waterproof boots.
    70. Synchronicities a plenty today!
    71. Driving through Elma this morning is like being in a Winter Norman Rockwell painting. So beautiful.
    72. Some people like real Christmas trees and some people like fake Christmas trees. Can’t we all just get along?
    73. Currently watching Agents of SHIELD. I really don’t understand or care to understand this season. Or the last one really.
    74. \And somehow, we win. UNBILLEVABLE.
    75. It’s moment like this when Crash Davis need to come on the field and teach Coach a lesson. “Man that ball got outta here in a hurry. I mean anything travels that far oughta have a damn stewardess on it, don’t you think?”
    76. If any game deserves to go into OT this one would be the one, of course.
    77. Snow is my natural anti-depressant drug. Always has been, always will be.
    78. This game is quintessential WNY. I love it.
    79. I’ll be overthemoon in the holiday spirit as soon as we get to Old Fort Niagara but right now, I just want a long, winter’s nap.
    80. Other people have such fancy Instagram photos and I’m like “yep, here’s my messy, but full, life from the lens of a cell phone.”
    81. I smile and wave…
    82. The simple joy of getting two freelancing checks in the mail… 😉
    83. Napped after work. Then baked lemon crisp, chocolate chip and peanut butter blossom cookies. Exciting life, I lead. Yes indeed.
    84. Twitter summary this morning: Franken. Moore. Trump. War! (N. Korea) War! (Middle East) Wildfires! No snow in WNY! Why do I want to get out bed again?
    85. I lost a parent early in life, 16 when my dad passed away. He was 44. I’m gonna be 44 in a few weeks. An unsettling milestone…going through this with my stepdad now, is bringing back seriously repressed grief. I wish my brain could disconnect the two, but…
    86. I’ve reached the age in life where funerals for loved ones and friends loved ones are for parents instead of grandparents. I hate it. I don’t feel we are old enough yet for this next phase of life.
    87. Bundle of nerves. And filled with sadness for dearest best friends for the days ahead.
    88. You know its been a long week already when you’re in the vet office crying happy tears because your cat’s eye ulcer is no longer melting, just healing.
    89. I’m SO BEHIND on my deadlines today.
    90. Maybe I’m too sensitive? But when that noise from the Emergency Broadcasting System randomly interrupts holiday music on the radio, my panicked heart sank into my stomach assuming something VERY BAD just happened. I think it was just a station error, but yikes. #2017
    91. Bam. Funny how just ONE phone call can chance your entire mood. (For the better…) Now, time to write.
    92. Is it too early to head right for the “Irish” part of the coffee?
    93. Yay! 10 new followers! Boo! 8 are spam bots.
    94. It’s bad when you want the day over already before it begins right? Ugh. What gives brain? Get freaking Merry already.
    95. Oh my gosh, I just realized it’s still only MONDAY. It seriously feels like it should be Wednesday.
    96. t’s only the beginning of December and I’m in awe of all the many magical Christmas light displays in on Main Street. I love my small town.
    97. Been on the verge of tears all day. Is it bedtime yet?
    98. Disjointed night of sleep, prophetic dreams directly relating from thoughts…Must learn to not ruminate over situations out of my control.
    99. Never scroll Twitter while in bed before coffee. It’s a mantra I ignore along with never read the comments. And now, once again, my stomach is in knots and I feel like vomiting.
    100. That man is literally tweeting about Hillary Clinton this morning, of course he is. Emails vs. destroying democracy. Sure, sure. And yet, his supporters can’t get enough. Once he’s impeached, his supporters remain.
    101. HWMMS is watching Ancient Aliens. I know a lot of people. People who know people. And none of these people have ever experienced an alien encounter. How is this possible?
    102. Every single time I write a post from the heart and depths of my (pathetic) soul, I hear from people who are struggling with similar situations. Every. Time. We are never alone in the world.
    103. There’s not enough coffee in the world to deal with a plugged septic and back up flooded basement.
    104. Remember the days when all the TV shows premiered at the same time and ended their season at the same time and OUR GOVERNMENT WASN’T A RAGING TIRE FIRE?
    105. Puppies with full bellies are happy and content and quiet and slumbering puppies.
    106. All Things NaNoWriMo Log: Day 30. Completed. 50,080 words. One month.
    107. Elected officials are grown adults. Stop slapping yourself on the back for passing sexual harrassment training. You know if you are sexual harassing someone, stop spinning the “I didn’t know” narrative.
    108. It feels like I’ve aged a decade this year. 2017 has permanently damaged my perception of reality.