Randomments, Social Media / Saturday, August 12th, 2017

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  • How long does it take Doc Brown and Marty to go back in time to destroy Grey’s Sports Almanac again?
  • It’s normal to want to pull the covers over your head and just cry until you nap. Right?
  • It is so so so so so PAINFUL for me to see organizations auto-post to Twitter from Facebook. Just a link, not even a message attached.
  • Usually I’m complaining about Internet while working from home. Today, it’s the office. What gives? Reset. Try again.
  • Waking up. Sad today. World weary. I tuned out this weekend… catching up on the news makes me just want to cry in an endless loop.
  • …as soon as the election ended, all I could feel…was a civil war uprising. I’m scared for our country.
  • I declare more fun, love and laughter! Less of everything else.
  • “Wait you’d go straight for an accordion player?”
  • Frustrating day. Meh.
  • Weep. Life of a Buffalo fan. I have #78, family name Smith. Same with Sabres. I have #6, married name Weber. And Broncos #18…Manning.
  • Half my body is sweaty, bumpy, bug bitey, heat fat person rashy. I’m at wits end & unable to deal. On edge. Can’t sleep. Might pop Benedryl.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?