Randomments, Social Media / Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

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  1. More coffee or not more coffee, that is….a silly question.
  2. Ah, after long day of work, hot tub time with a bestie feels so good. The glass of bubbly HWMMS poured also helped.
  3. “Sometimes I forget putting myself first isn’t selfish, but necessary.”
  4. It’s a database day…I’m gonna need more fuel.
  5. Whaboom? Ok, this is a million times more obnoxious than Corinne ever could be.
  6. Catching up on from last night. Pretty sure Rachel is by far my favorite lead–that’s without knowing she loves penguins.
  7. The. Day. Is. Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaging.
  8. HWMMS: You made rice w/ cheese & meat? A burrito w/out the shell. Me: Yep, reconstructed burrito. HWMMS: Um, I’m going to reconstruct it.
  9. My niece and I started tradition of slow-motion dancing at weddings. She now does it at school dances. 🙂 This needs to become a thing.
  10. Seeing people I love happy makes me happy. Two of my younger cousins found their perfect partners in life. Tonight was a good night.
  11. Giant puppy brought her horn on the bed and then settled between us to sleep. She hasn’t slept in bed with us in forever…weird.
  12. Oh how I dislike peeling apples…
  13. Just another day…not working in an office. Summit with and
  14. My poor Harley Boo really hates Thunderstorms. He’s cowering in the far corner of the bedroom. 🙁
  15. Question—-do you delete social media connections after a person dies? I do. It’s too much for me to see the connection.
  16. A little fall of rain…er, or hail?
  17. Time for thunderstorms! is already out.
  18. Deep thoughts by All Things Jennifer: My life is like our swimming pool, a constant struggle to cut through the cloudiness to find balance.
  19. So I tried to nap away my mood, or should I say my mom’s mood, but it didn’t work. The crushing weight of momness is smothering me.
  20. The hymn “How Great Though Art” has been implanted in my brain all afternoon. It reminds me of my Gma Baker. Guess she’s trying to reach me.
  21. This could be the most insightful comment ever…”she has needed us and not allowed us to need her.”
  22. After having a kickass day in the office, I now just want to go to bed & cry. Somehow, someday I have to turn it off. Not let it impact me.
  23. Getting things done LIKE A BOSS TODAY.
  24. I never use gloves when gardening and I’m 99% of the time barefoot outdoors when the weather cooperates.
  25. Voter #351.
  26. I can’t be the only one who isn’t a fan of the idea of self-driving cars, am I?
  27. Dinner in progress. I live for work at home days! Turnip & Leek Soup Pineapple Sage Roasted Chicken

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