Randomments, Social Media / Monday, May 15th, 2017

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  1. Getting my connections on over at . Let’s connect!
  2. Ugh. All heroin is bad. Don’t use any!!! If it only could be that simple…
  3. Good morning. 5am puppies need to potty hour! I really should just get up and start my day…
  4. Meh.
  5. What are the chances someone will walk in the office when you are in the bathroom? 100%. Just in case you are wondering.
  6. Oh promoted tweet, you taunt me. If only you were available in my area, but alas.
  7. So basically the weather report for the week is telling me to take the week off from work and do ALL THE OUTSIDE GARDEN THINGS.
  8. HWMMS: I’m gonna get up and make coffee. Me: And then? HWMMS: Drink coffee.
  9. Um. Ok. I know I’m not a parent. But I just saw a commercial for Device Free Dinner. THIS NEEDS TO BE A THING? Oh boy.
  10. Mmmmmm. Poutine.
  11. I’m all about the even-numbered bullet points, myself.
  12. TIME FOR KRAZY CORN. Oh my gosh I love Krazy corn…
  13. And I’m now caught up with today’s news, yesterday’s news? I wish I could go back to not knowing…I\weep for our country.
  14. By the age of 35, both sets of grandparents, my dad, my aunt and two uncles passed away. Funerals always make me revisit all the loss.
  15. Also spent time with my adorable godson today. I could squish and kiss that sweet face forever.
  16. Spent most of the day with childhood bestie/neighbor/sister at her Gram’s funeral. She’s been to 6 funerals for my family…
  17. I have a good life. I love my job, my husband our animals…I LOVE that 1st cup of coffee. Why do I DESPISE GETTING OUT OF BED SO MUCH?
  18. Nyah, what can be trendier than the Fiddle Leaf Fig?: 7 Houseplants Even Trendier Than the Fiddle Leaf Fig
  19. WHERE DID THE DAY GO? Daaaaaay, ay, ay, go?
  20. Is it strange that I prefer attending an actual funeral over making an appearance at the wake? I find peace in the ritual and order.
  21. Do you listen to music in the office? I’m a fan of 94.5 myself…
  22. Fact. Baby Groot is the most adorable movie character of all time.
  23. The synchronicities in my day today, uncanny. I spoke of two different people I rarely see and BOTH appeared in person hours later.
  24. Aaaahhhh! IHATECOTTONBALLSINMEDICINEBOTTLES. And, yes. I was featured in an article in the years ago about this very topic.
  25. I. Love. Small. Town. Life.
  26. My eye has been twitching for the last 3 days. I wish this meant something. Google tells me I need more sleep, less stress & less caffeine.
  27. Long, long day of work . Board Meeting days usually are.

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