Randomments, Social Media / Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

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  1. Is it bedtime yet? Why am I so tired? Zzzzz…
  2. Oh. My. GOD. I had no idea adoption shaming like this existed.
  3. I hate that I keep playing catch up in #CampNaNoWriMo. I like that I’m at least keeping at pace for the most part though.
  4. HWMMS’ mom worked at for 29 years. She is rolling over in her grave right now.
  6. I loved the Snorks!
  7. I just put on Star Trek as background TV without HWMMS being home. Whoa.
  8. Current Status. Working from Couch. Harley Boo and Mom both snoozing at my side. Happy Friday.
  9. Procrastinating. Bad.
  10. 3000 words behind still. Must catch up.
  11. When you say out loud “Oh my GOD that’s a terrible website!”
  12. F-f-f-freaking cold all of a sudden- hands and fingers feets and toes. Brrrr.
  13. My phone just did a software update and OH MY GOODNESS IT IS RUNNING WARM TO THE TOUCH. Cool down phone, cool down.
  14. My word count 35053. The same backward and forward.
  15. Know what I really want to do tomorrow? Play hooky from life, drive home down Rt. 39 with the dogs and go to Sullivan’s Charbroil.
  16. Love the sound of April Midnight Rain Showers.
  17. Spam Fax. Still a thing in 2017. Duane just got preapproved for a $126,000 Capital Loan! Woo hoo!
  18. Ah, the smell of freshly mowed grass. Not at Weber Wonderland though.
  19. Whhhhaaa? We lost a planet and gained an ocean since I was in school? So this is what getting old feels like.
  20. 37216 words. a bit ahead—-but now it is technically Day #23 so, yeah. Not ahead.
  21. Welcome to the rural Internet wasteland…
  22. Drew……….
  23. Better Call Saul is confusing me.
  24. Went for a walk around the pond with the puppies. I gave up on shoes, give me barefeet and squishy muddy land instead please. #CountryGirl
  25. Had a nice visit with the Brother and family today, that needs to happen more often.
  26. Samurai Jack? It’s a good thing I love my Husband, because WTF?
  27. Saw lots of butterflies and bumblebees about today. Yay Weber Wonderland

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