Randomments, Social Media / Sunday, April 9th, 2017

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  1. Its a zombie coffee cup on the porch kind of afternoon.
  2. Reminder…I need to put my heart shaped hot tub misadventure on the page, it’s a ridiculous story.
  3. Blogging makes me happy.
  4. Mom & the family started a list of “inappropriate nursing/rehab facility activities” for residents #1 Trust Falls, #2 Cards Against Humanity
  5. Best visit with mom yet–because my brother wheeled her down the street and we had a long, late lunch at Papa Jake’s.
  6. The older I get the more I despise crowded places.
  7. Change in plans catching up after long week.10373 words, want to get past daily goal before going out.
  8. Working from home means scheduling ample time for puppy belly rubs.
  9. HWMMS has a new Twitter idea inspired by the new place of employment.I should cringe but it’s sort of funny.
  10. I’m sick of posts I put on Facebook going rogue in the comments. I was talking about plants in a nursing home, not how people are cared for.
  11. I should be writing. Or working. Or working on writing.
  12. After a long day (morning?) I came home to two puppies demanding belly rubs. Ah, puppies.
  13. REALLY? just mentioned the exact thing I said to my mom 30 min ago “I don’t like garbanzo beans but like hummus.”
  14. Morning television is mind-numbing. Afternoon television is mind-numbing.
  15. Fun times. On mom duty at the home…waiting for “tests” this morning and hopefully the doctor visit “sometimes this morning.”
  16. I know I’m up early and need coffee but I think just said 4-6 inches of snow in So. Tier and then…73 degrees next week? 73!
  17. What. A. Day.
  18. List of things mom has requested to bring her at the nursing home: ginger ale, jelly beans, socks, a ruler, cashews, GOT books & my dogs.
  19. After completing my goal I love scrolling through Twitter to cheer others along.
  20. Any day of writing is a good day of writing.Are you kidding me? This episode of NCIS has a daughter dealing with her mother who has dementia? TODAY? REALLY? ()
  21. Asked if she knew she was in God’s grace, she answered, ‘If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.’ -Joan of Arc
  22. How do soap opera stars barely age?
  23. šŸ™ I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be an organ donor if you could…
  24. It’s not even 3 yet. OMG.
  25. The more I’m not on Facebook the happier I am. Odd?
  26. One step forward—27 steps back.
  27. How many “look at us we’re so quirky and love all things local” TV couples flipping homes on TV are too many?


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