Social Media / Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Twitterments. Because not everyone is on Twitter.

  1. PBS is so uniquely PBS-y.
  2. Most days self-care for me means trying not to beat myself up or feel guilty for saying no and knowing my limits. Hardly pampering.
  3. Channeling Tony Stark…”I have a plan, write.”
  4. Good on Sean Spicer for seizing the opportunity to reinvent his image. Bad on our celebrity-centric society for allowing him to do so.
  5. So, the President called out “Rocket Man” <s>on Twitter</s> at the UN. OH MY GOD. I’m in a dystopian fiction novel, right?
  6. World. Weary. The more I read the more I weep.
  7. All I wanted to do last night…go to bed. I did. Quite early. All I want to do this morning is stay there.
  8. 9:25am. Still in bed. And I’m already done with people. This does not bode well for the rest of my day. I need a factory reset. And coffee.
  9. I’ve been SO OFF today.
  10. Hmmm. Maybe it’s the heat?
  11. Laptop dead. HWMMS did a restore. Currently working on 99 Windows Updates.
  12. The person currently running our country scares the hell out of me, but the people supporting and encouraging the madness terrifies me more.
  13. If scrolling through Twitter confirmed for me that I hate everything about today I better stay far away from Facebook.
  14. Yeah, mine did…FOREVER. Student Debt Delays Homeownership Much Longer Than You May Think
  15. HWMMS: It’s interesting to read about the evolution of armor… Me: No, no it’s not.
  16. And I’m complaining about heat? How pathetic am I. Crawling into hole now.
  17. It’s too early on a Saturday to get out of bed and cry. Therefore, I shall stay in bed and cry instead.
  18. The likelihood of HWMMS bringing me coffee in bed is high…my wishful thinking but not asking out loud game is strong. I can do this.
  19. Five of the saddest words one can hear in a restaurant “we don’t have tater tots.”
  20. Yesterday, I slept all day. Got up around 2, ended up napping on chair until 5. Upright today but sluggish. Would like to find normal again.
  21. I just called HWMMS into the living room to watch that unsportsmanlike penalty. Hysterical.
  22. It’s a million degrees outside, I can’t believe our fans are still standing let alone screaming.
  23. Did we just win? We just won!
  24. And in other news. I hate the Patriots. <evergreentweet>
  25. The list of people I’ve lost respect for in 2017 because of politics is getting long. It’s more than agreeing to disagree these days. Sad.
  26. And now it’s time to briefly avoid the horrible events of the present to learn from the horrible events of the past.
  27. “Do unto others…” It really is that simple.