Two friends…two emails.

Dating / Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

Two friends…two emails.

From Rachel:
I can’t believe you kissed a guy with a mohawk!!!

From Dayna:
Well I am glad that after the night you had you are now on your way to church.

In my defense. I gave a nice goodnight kiss to a guy last night who had his hair in a mohawk-esque style…his day job as an accountant does not allow for a real one, but his night gig as a guitar player does. Tee hee. The night wasn’t even wild. Honest. Nothing like last year. In fact very, very normal. Typical Jen.

I did have the chance to *maybe* meet the man that the roomie’s boyfriend would like to set me up with, but it was too late when I got enough liquid courage to force Erin to make the call.

Some other day.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?