Two Phobias One Afternoon

Pets / Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Two Phobias One Afternoon. Our Senior Cat Tubby has an eyeball issue. The poor fella was sitting in the corner upstairs with one eye shut. It was crusty, we cleaned it but there was obviously something else going on. So it was time to call the vet.

Today at the vet, Tubby’s eye opened and AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Gross. I have a pretty severe eye phobia so it was difficult to look at the goopy, cloudy mess in front of me. And then the vet had to put in a stent for a minute to test tears? And then some sort of dye to determine the damage? And then scrape the lens to see if there was a bacterial infection AAAAAAAAAH.

And some of the clean up, was done, WITH COTTON BALLS. Because one phobia isn’t enough!

My goodness what an afternoon for me.

Turns out the kitty cat has an eye infection and corneal ulcer. The vet thinks it was due to some sort of trauma. He has to get a pain pill daily for the next few days, antibiotic gel in his eye and antibiotic drops in his eye every two hours until he goes back in on Monday.

Every two hours. EYE EYE EYE!

I can do many things, eyeball things are difficult. This is going to be fun. Also, poor Tubby.

Tomorrow. I get to bring Harley Boo in to see the doctor, because on his wing-ding leg, there is some sort of inflamed mini-golf ball sized infection going on right above the bend on his leg where he has created a sort of touch patch of skin that mimics a paw. We have to be extra vigilant with keeping an eye on that leg, and well, this is definitely some sort of something infection. Likely he got scratched or bitten by Jordan while playing too hard, nothing major but yeah, seeing that this morning on top of the eyeball made me a sad fur baby mama.