Unbelievable Dragonhflies


Unbelievable. While sitting on the porch this morning, drinking my coffee my brain was tumbling over with too many thoughts all at once (as usual.)

At one very precise moment, I quieted my mind. And thought one very specific thing…a mantra that came to me recently that I’m trying really hard to wrap my thoughts around to figure out the big questions in life and my place in the world.

And I can’t even make this up if I tried, but out of the sky, some kind of bug bopped me on the head and bounced on to the porch. I looked down to see it was TWO DRAGONFLIES HOOKED TOGETHER MATING.

Two. Dragonflies. Fell. Out. Of. The. Sky. And. Hit. Me. On. The. Head.

At that precise moment.

I just started laughing as they flew away…

Sometimes the sign from loved ones, the universe, literally falls out of the sky and hits you on the head. Wow.