Vacation? That’s very laughable…

Zoom in on my empty wallet.

My friend just posted about Ships and Dip on her Facebook page.

I just spent the last 30 minutes checking out every link possible. Cruise. Great Big Sea. Barenaked Ladies. Many other bands. Yada yada yada.

I’ve lusted over this vacation for four years now.

And nothing has changed. I can’t afford to do it, who am I kidding?

$799 for the room. Plus $179 taxes and fees something or other. Not including off site excursions and travel to and from Miami.

Already close to $1,500 for a 4/5 day trip.


First of all the down payment and deposit…one person has to put down the upfront costs for four people all at once. Who would that be? Not me.

Second if I somehow could muster up the $ I couldn’t go on a vacation in good faith knowing I still owe several hundred dollars here and there to several people. If I had $1,500 I would pay them back in a heartbeat which would be the best vacation ever since I pretty much think about how much I suck over this matter at least once a day.

Third…since I’m 36 years old and have never been on a proper vacation in my life (outside of my school trip when I was 16 to Mexico with the Spanish Club) I think I would want to go somewhere else if I had $1,500. Not that a cruise with Great Big Sea wouldn’t be AMAZING but seeing that there is a slight possibility that perhaps ONE time in my life I might be able to go on a real vacation, I would rather go to Europe. Or Vancouver. Or…honestly 100 different places outside of Belize and Costa Maya.

Sad but true. I’m that pathetic friends. My goal is to go somewhere before my passport expires in 9 years. Where? When? How? Who knows.

It pains me to think about how many people in the world would laugh at this post. $1500? That’s it? Ha! A majority of the people I run into through work every weekend likely spend that much a week in entertainment expenses. Hair, spa, dinners, exclusive clubs, lunches, theater, concerts…

Sigh. Done feeling sorry for myself, moving along.

I’ve been blessed to have friends who live all over who I have been able to visit on many occasions…Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, Washington, Raleigh, Cleveland, Myrtle Beach etc…I shouldn’t be complaining. Tis a luxury in itself for many in the world to be able to take time off and visit friends in other cities. My life is good. I am loved. I need to shut up.

And keep paying those people back so I can work on saving for a vacation someday.

ASIDE: I do not recommend walking to the store to purchase chips and dip after lamenting over how poor you are in a blog post. Well, at least I don’t recommend pursing the Reduced Fat Dip anyhow…emotional eating requires full on fat. Don’t forget this lesson. Now to bed where I shall be angry at myself for eating chips and low-fat dip and not being able to afford Ships and Dip.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?