Verizon Unlimited Plan

Personal / Monday, February 13th, 2017

Verizon Unlimited Plan HURRAH!

Verizon is launching a new unlimited data plan. Here are the details.

Ok, it’s not everything, but it’s something and it’s a start!

Verizon’s new unlimited data plan just allowed us country living folk here at Weber Wonderland to save $94 on internet per month. Only $4 less for phone (we had the 25mb plan) but $90 less for the awful satellite data plan, pushing that down to the basic level.

I know service speeds go down after you hit a certain amount of data but our only option where we live (in the Town of Concord—-Erie County) is purchasing data through mobile hotspot on your phone (which is capped and expensive) or going through the satellite internet provider which is SO EXPENSIVE and we seem to go over that data limit every month (many times choosing to pay for another gig or two to make it through…)

At least with our phone bill staying basically the same, but with unlimited data we can knock back the satellite plan to the cheapest option. Fingers crossed we can knock it out all together but I don’t quite trust that yet.


Having those data caps means we stream video and upload/download whenever possible—-after midnight when our satellite plan is “free of limits.” There’s no streaming television shows or movies through Netflix or Amazon Prime (which I’m certain we would do eventually and thus get rid of another monthly bill—DirectTV. I mean what are all those channels anyhow?)

Of course none of this should matter soon because we’ve been promised the BROADBAND FOR ALL initiative by NY State is supposed to be implemented in Erie County this year. (I’m not holding my breath…)



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