Vintage Christmas Decorations

Vintage Christmas Decorations. Now that we live in a much larger house we have started to unpack the many boxes HWMMS inherited from his family filled with Christmas Decorations!

This, is a mixed blessing.

Old Christmas Decorations

I mean what on earth are we supposed to do with this scary pink musical ceramic angel? (Other than proudly display her in the very pink bathroom of course!)

Christmas Decorations 2013

And check out all the bottle brush trees! I love bottle brush trees. So vintage. Oh yeah, and there’s 100 other little trees and trains and Santas and reindeer and a manger and…let’s just place them all on top of the blanket chest and call it eclectic.[★]

Now, now…what do we have here? A sassy little elf-ette! HWMMS says she looks like the Elf on the Shelf’s slutty little sister. When I put this on Facebook our friend Aimee said she should be swinging on a wrecking ball, ala Miley so of course HWMMS did this…
Mistletoe ball anyone?
Christmas Decorations 2013

I *let* HWMMS choose what decorations to put on the mantle. He wanted to be old school traditional and put his parent’s nativity set up there, like he had as a boy…except he sort of added our new gnome nativity set too. I don’t hate it actually. I just think it might be better placed somewhere that isn’t the focal point of the living room.

2013-12-08 14.25.41

SQUEEE! I found this little tray and almost flipped my penguin loving lid! A mod-penguinbird Christmas tray! How much do I love this piece? And how on earth something so darn hip in the same box with that scary musical angel and a million and one ceramic teddy bears with presents?

There’s much more where that came from…I just haven’t photographed all the goodness yet. Stay tuned!

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