2013 Vision Board

2013 Vision Board. I was inspired by my dearest friend MEESH and her blog post: The Vision Board: Happy Birthday To Me!

Since my birthday is the end of the year and I always seem to do the New Years reflecting a few days early, I thought what better time to make my very own. And even better, I can recycle the piles and piles and piles of magazines all over the house.

Here are the rules to making a Vision Board as found on MEESH’s blog: EthelBetty.com.

1) Spend about an hour going through the magazines and simply cutting out images or words that speak to you.  Don’t question their meaning. The fact that they speak to  you means you need to cut them out.  You can always discard them later.

2) When time is up, start to lay the words and images out on your board.  Take about 45 minutes for this process. Discard any words that you have cut out in which you are not treating yourself kindly.  For example: instead of “lose weight,” post “be healthy.”

3) Settle on final design and start gluing. Don’t worry about perfection, just give yourself up to the process and make a completed board.

I spent more than an hour going through magazines plus I had clippings I saved from a few months back. So going through them all was a lot of work. But fun. I instantly found myself throwing away things I clipped which I didn’t want. Believe it or not, I didn’t even have that many negative ones to toss! Look I’m growing!

I chose my big Kandinsky poster print for the backdrop, because I LOVE the color and it inspires me.


Bring it on! Also, first thing on to-do before turning 40 list completed!

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