Walking Dead Randomments

Might be a tad bit spoilerish, so deal.

  1. Sasha had the best possible character arc of all. Kudos. Loved her in the finale.
  2. Negan is so freaking badass and amazing and horrible and cocky. Jeffery Dean Morgan is the ultimate.
  3. Eugene is obviously not Negan, he’s just waiting for the right moment. WHY  DON’T THEY ALL SEE THAT?
  4. HWMMS favorite character is…MORGAN. I just learned this when he said Abraham might be his 3rd of 4th favorite. Mine might be Negan, I also old school loved Shane…Now I’m concerned. I said Negan and Shane. HWMMS said Morgan and Dale. Evil vs. Wholesome. Hmmmm.
  5. DOESN’T ANYONE CARE ABOUT HOW THIS WHOLE SITUATION STARTED? I still care. I still want a story line that has to do with the CDC and heading to DC. I get that everyone is all trying to survive and not get their faces ripped off by zombies while taking over the other latest evil group, but they just sort of forgot about it the last few seasons.

Not Walking Dead but…

  1. Anyone else think Chris Hardwick is getting too over-exposed? I love(d) him but enough is enough with all these shows.
  2. I HATE when AMC forces fans of the Walking Dead to wait for another show before airing The Talking Dead.
  3. Fear the Walking Dead. Meh. We tried, we really did. And then we had so many episodes backed up on the DVR and no interest whatsoever in watching them, so…delete.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?