Walking on broken glass.

Personal / Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Walking on broken glass.

What’s going on?

I keep breaking glasses! Is this a sign of good luck or bad luck or just typical clumsy Jen luck?

The madness has to end.

Right after Erin’s wedding I broke my last favourite wine goblet.  Lucky for me, they are pretty cheap at Target. But that goblet has been everywhere with me…sigh.

I also broke one of my pretty brand new fancy Pier One Cherry Blossom Glasses. I bought a set of four with a gift card from my cousin for Christmas, because lord knows I won’t pay $6.60 for one stinking glass. But I loved them so and twas a gift, right? I splurged. Wouldn’t you know it a week or so ago I was sitting on the futon with the nice pretty glass on the arm and something scared giant Simba Cat and WHOOSH! Off the armchair my cat went bringing the glass shattered to pieces to the floor with him.

So sad. So sad. I figured all was sort of well because I still had a set of two and a backup when CHIP! Another one chipped and split in the dish basin right before my very eyes while doing dishes. Many curse words later I accepted I still have two (knocking on wood) and I’m eyeing the for the Clearance sale.

And if that’s not ENOUGH broken glass, a while back I bought a set of 8 general wine goblets for use when company comes over. I have so many SO MANY margarita glasses and champagne glasses and once upon a time I had four giant wine goblets, but I’m heavy on their use…so I bought a nice very reasonably priced set of eight and put them aside. Well, after I broke my favourite wine glass and haven’t yet replaced it I realized I needed something else.  I reached up to the windowsill and CRASH! A FREAKING WINE GLASS CAME DOWN OFF THE SHELF! Not kidding.

I think this is why I had a beer while baking. I didn’t want to break yet another glass.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?