Cocktails in Character: War and Peace

2013-10-30 21.57.36

I think HWMMS kinda looks like Elvis here.

2013-10-30 21.56.32

But alas Elvis was not in the building. But this handsome 1812 Officer is! HWMMS wants to have lasik surgery and I keep telling him I’ve never been attracted to someone without glasses before. I just swoon over how darn adorable these specs look on him! Someone back me up!!!

And here we are! Arriving at Cocktails in Character 2013 as…


HWMMS came up with the idea quickly after I mentioned Anne of Green Gables. The costume was a hit. Well at least a BUFFALO #2 hit! You know that card in Monopoly “You’ve won second place in a beauty contest!” Well…

We won 2nd place in the costume contest! Along with the gift of MIGHTY TACO! And I truly believe it’s not JUST because we ate dinner with one of the judges who happens to be a friend of ours. People were coming up to HWMMS all night chatting about his uniform and reenacting and taking photos. It was cool.

I swear when he started saying “Ziggy Piggy” after he put on the ribbon I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I love these kind of fundraising events because you never know who you will see there. HWMMS asked me in the car who we would know and I wasn’t sure actually! Lo and behold in true WNY style we ran into no less than a dozen or so people we know and made new friends along the way. Like these hooligans above.

Good times. AMAZING food and auction items. FLAWLESS execution.



Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?