Water Intake

Personal / Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Water Intake

My. I can’t imagine how my body must have been working before I started fueling it up with water this past week.

I think it was Thursday night. I came home from work and I felt like someone injected me with paint thinner in my stomach. VERY acidic but not in the heartburn type way. I blame it on feeding my body 80 plus oz and more of water the three days prior and then slacking miserably by Thursday afternoon.

At the LEAST I have managed to drink 5 water bottles (16oz each) per day since last Monday. I’ve been shooting for 8 water bottles though…(extra weight and tendency to drink caffeine.) I actually still feel THIRSTY when I get home from work and find myself needing to continuously drink throughout the night. And this is something new…hydration. Who knew.

Overall, I’m not sure I feel BETTER per se…but I notice I feel WORSE when I slack…even after only four straight days of excellent water intake. I can only imagine that over the next few weeks, I will start to notice feeling better too.

Vitamins? Well. Unfortunately I have to claim the same story as usual. I did get the multi-vitamin in a few more times this week but tis not clockwork. I have to get rid of these darn things so I can buy some delicious gummy bear vitamins, soon.

Goal for next week?

Stay tuned…

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