Water, water and more water!

One healthy living habit I have a pretty good grasp on would be drinking water. I rarely drink juices and almost never drink soda. I drink water with most meals and fill up my water bottle several times a day while at work. Of course on the weekend this habit goes to the wayside, I need to really work on that.

Lately however, I’ve been a slacker. Yes, I still drink water throughout the day but not nearly as much as I need. Half my body weight in ounces daily? Really?

Gulp, gulp…gulp. Glub…gulb…gurgle.

I started paying attention to my intake again this week, which one would think would make me feel full and satisfied right? Wrong. instead…drinking more water makes me want…more water. I’m thirsty if I don’t keep replenishing my supply regularly as I notice when I get home from work and haven’t had water in a while.

No, I’m not nearly at the half my body weight in ounces quota daily so there’s no need to scream DIABETIC! Or THYROID! I have an excellent doctor and I have been recently tested for both problems.  Basically, I’m just fat and unhealthy and need to drink more water (drink much less booze) get moving and eat fruits and veggies (and not french fries.) All the basics.

Damn, all the basics…37 years and I still don’t have the basics down. One of these days…

Does drinking water make YOU thirsty?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the potty and make sure my pee is still crystal clear (and then get another glass of water.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?